Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

Tooth pain not associated with trauma is often attributed to decay reaching the inner structures of the tooth causing inflammation.  When a tooth becomes infected, a patient’s options are to save the tooth by undergoing root canal therapy or extraction. Root canal treatment allows patients to preserve the natural tooth root, thus improving the longevity of the smile.

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Decay reaching the inner pulp not only threatens the affected tooth but the health of surrounding dental structures as well. When a tooth has decayed, the infection can spread throughout the adjacent dental structures, causing the smile to deteriorate at an accelerated pace. Furthermore, the bacteria causing the infection can enter the bloodstream through the canals contributing to systemic issues as well.

Tooth infection causes the inner pulp to become inflamed, causing pain and discomfort. Root canal therapy provides patients with a solution that restores their smile and allows it to remain as natural as possible.

Many wonder, “don’t I need my dental pulp?” Once a permanent tooth has completely erupted, the pulp only serves to maintain its sensitivity. A loss of sensation will likely occur, but preserving the tooth’s structure allows for full functionality of the bite. Patients who undergo treatment to preserve their teeth are rewarded with a renewed, pain-free smile able to last well into the future.

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Patients undergoing root canal therapy by Dr. Kanbar can expect a comprehensive treatment process to achieve better oral health by the time they leave the dental office. Our compassionate team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to aiding patients in maintaining their best self.

Once a tooth has been cleared of infection, patients receive a temporary crown while their permanent restoration is hand-crafted by a trusted technician at a nearby lab. Patients return to our practice, finalizing their treatment by obtaining a crown designed to protect the tooth and maintain a stable structure.

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Root canal therapy eliminates decay and saves the tooth from requiring an extraction. For root canal treatment in Methuen, MA, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kanbar and find out how we can pave a path for you to achieve better oral health.

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